Rental equipment:

das line arraySanderford Sound Inc das m12a low profile monitorSanderford Sound Inc

Please call for pricing and availability.

New gear is added and list below may not include all inventory so it is best to call us with any of your rental needs. 561-723-9046

FOH & MON speakers Available:

16x D.A.S. Event 210A Line Array

2x D.A.S. Event 121A Subwoofer

8x Yorkville TX9S double 18" sub

8x Yorkville TX4 Full Range Cabinet

Dynacord- 6x Cobra4 - 2x Cobra4 FAR - 10x PWH Sub

SSI Compact Line Array 8x tops 2x low mid

12x D.A.S. M12A powered floor wedge

8x D.A.S. Action 12A powered Top

5x JBL PRX512M powered floor wedge

2x EV ELX15M powered speaker

10x EV PX1122M bi-amped or passive wedge


1x Allen & Heath S5000

1x Allen & Heath DM64 MixRack

2x Allen & Heath SQ-6

2x Behringer X32 Full console

1x Behringer Producer X32

1x Behringer Core 32

2x Behringer S16 stage box

1x Midas M32

1x Midas M32R

2x Midas DL16 Stage Box

2x Midas DL32 Stage Box

1x Midas Pro2 console

2x Midas Pro1 console

1x Midas ProX console

3x DL153 stage box

1x DL151 Stage box

1x DL251 Stage box



Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drum Set - 6-piece w/2 crash and 1 ride, Hi Hat

Drums 5 piece Yamaha Stage Custom with either 20" or 22" kick, Toms 10", 12", 14", 16", snare 14"x5.5"

Drums 5 piece Ludwig Maple Classic 24"Kick, 13"stand mounted tom, 16" Floor, 18" Floor, 14"x5.5" Snare

Zildian A custom

Zildian K custom dark

Meinl Cajon drum

Roland RD-800 Keyboard

Yamaha S90 XS 88 weighted keyboard

NORD Stage 2 EX 88 keyboard

Nord Electro 4D 61key Keyboard

Kork Chrome 88key Weighted Keyboard

Korg M1 keyboard

Korg Triton keyboard

Breedlove Acoustic Guitar

Fender Jazz Bass 5 string

Fender P-Bass 4 string

Fender Telecaster - Nashville edition

Guitar boats, stands


Roland KC-550

Ampeg SVT 8x10 cabnet

Ampeg SVT Classic amp

MarkBass Little Tube amp 800w

MarkBass Combo 15 Jeff Berlin signature series

MarkBass 104HR 4x10 cabnet

2x Fender Twin reverb

2x Fender Deluxe Reverb

2x Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10



Marchall DSL Combo 1x12


DPA 4099P w/extensions

Barcus Berry 4000: Planar Wave System w/DI

Shure SM58, Beta58A, Beta87A, KSM9, KSM 137, KSM 141, Beat52A, SM57, Beta57A, Beta91A, MX202

Sennhieser E604, E902, E905, E901, MD421

AKG 3000


Tech drape: 5'-7'height tech drape Black velour 4'x 7'10' x 4' sections

call for height, length, fabric and color.